Poems for Kids

Short Poems for Kids

We love stories but we also love poems for kids, don't you?!

No, we're not talking about those long romantic poetry type of poems! We're talking about short funny poems, kids concrete poems, kids Christmas poems and more! If you want to learn a poem but have trouble memorizing them - these short poems are perfect! Plus they're pretty silly too!

Short Poems

A Family Poem


My Little Sister

My Little Brother

What is a Bottle


The 4th of July

Funny Kids Poems

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Laughter is good for you! We're always looking for a reason to laugh, aren't you?

Funny kids poems make us laugh and we hope they will get you giggling too!

I've Got Your Nose

Funny Poems

Zoops Hoops

The Performer

The Beard

Blue, the Smartest Dog in the World

Mother Magic


If you like short funny poems you'll love the book Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein! It's full of very funny poems that we know you'll love, they are absolutely shocking and silly!

Poems About Growing Up - "If" by Rudyard Kipling

The poem "If" by Rudyard Kipling is a great poem that teaches boys how to be a man. But it's not just for boys!

Click here to listen to this very famous poem - we dare you to try to live up to it! Here's some more poems about growing up:

Joey's Big Blue Sky

Life as a Princess

A Daddy's Poem

What I'm Thankful For

That's My Dad: A Stone's Throw

Enemy to a Friend

How it Was


Christmas Poems

Holidays are great! They are the times we love to spend with our families, eat good food and make lasting memories!

Holiday poems are a part of those great memories, whether you write your own or have a favorite one like The Night Before Christmas, poems and holidays go great together! Get out some apple cider to set the mood and then listen to some of our favorite Christmas poems.

Funny Christmas Poems

More Kids Christmas Poems

Christian Christmas Poems

Kids Christmas Poems

Short Christmas Poems

concrete poem

Kids Concrete Poems

What kind of poem weighs a ton?

A concrete poem!

Just kidding - these kids concrete poems are not really made of concrete.

Submit Your Poem!

Do You Write Amazing, Silly, Holiday, Scary or any kind of Poems for Kids?

Your poems deserve to be seen and heard! Share them with us and we'll share them with our visitors! Don't forget to include a picture!

Read Other Original Poems for Kids that Have Been Sent In!

Click below to see the amazing poems others have submitted...

Fragile heart 
Gentle care, soft repair Loved here and there My fragile heart Bringing peace Let sorrow sleep In my fragile heart Never let the sadness …

Make up your Mind!!!! 
There's red there's blue Old to new So many things to choose from Unique, antique Orange then pink How will I decide Loads of malls, stores and shops …

The Snowman 
He glares at me with his evil coal eyes. He inches ever closer to me as I sleep. I am sure his soul is as cold as the arctic. I am sure he comes …

A Father's Love 
A father's love is secure and strong In my eyes he can do no wrong I get bear hugs and sloppy kisses To make up for the hours missing I am his little …

If Christmas Was A Spaceship 
If Christmas was a lesson I’d say ‘Hip hip hooray!’, and tell all of my teachers to teach it every day. If Christmas was a vegetable, I’d eat it …

the reason for the season Not rated yet
the reason for the season the moment we await all year long here it is the birth of christ it is called christmas day the celebrations of royalty …

Love Not rated yet
love is everywhere. in one another in things and most of all; the world

kiTTens Not rated yet

Spring Not rated yet
Spring leaves, quick breezes flowing through the blades of grass Spring leaves, longer days.

Sunnyshine Not rated yet
Sunnyshine sunnyshine in my eyes Bright bright light in the skies Happiness in the warmth that it shows The rays of the sun it gleams and it …

Moonlight dancers Not rated yet
One day I peered through my window On the field below There were people standing there In the midnight glow I watched in awe as they danced …

Chain Gang  Not rated yet
There once was a chain gang of three. They worked the Mississippi Under the morning sun From dawn till they were done Let’s learn about them, shall …

The Lorax Not rated yet
The Lorax is orange, He Loves Porridge. He is fluffy, But sometimes he can be scruffy, He loves to be honest, He also loves forests. His Eyes are …

Click here to write your own.

Find more adventures here:

Here's a great book that many teachers use to teach kids grades 4-8 how to write their own poetry!

40108: Poetry Writing Handbook: Definitions, Examples, Lessons,  Grades 4-6 Poetry Writing Handbook: Definitions, Examples, Lessons, Grades 4-6

Here's another great book about kids poetry! Concrete poems for kids

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