The Performer

by Debasis Roy Chowdhury
(Ramgaon College Road, P.O- Jaigaon B.O, Pin-736182, District- Jalpaiguri, State- WestBengal, INDIA)

Abhi is a lanky boy
solo participant of class seven.
Neither he descended from the top
nor from the heaven.
His dance seems to me,
like limp and jump.
Some times summer salt
with twisted crump.
Some times he jumps like
pole-vaulter without pole.
Some times he kicks like
scoring an imaginary goal.
Some times he falls down
and rolls over the mat.
Some times it resembles like
a rat just jumping over a cat.
Often he kept smile
flashing out his teeth.
Some times he sighs like
the patient out of breath.
But his performances
neither boring nor bad.
Whoever watches him
Often becomes very glad.


Written By Debasis Roy Chowdhury
The poem has been based on a student of class seven, and he was quite eccentric and ready to accept any challenge without understanding. So, being a part of that school what ever I experienced I tried to furnish it down accordingly.

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