Amazing Adventures Through Wholesome Children's Short Stories!

Do Your Children Hate to Read?

It's our goal to get them to fall in love with short stories and children's books so they will develop a lifelong passion for reading!

Here they will be able to listen to adults as well as other children read books online to them while they follow along!

While your children are lost in these classic stories - they won't even realize it, but they will be learning life building character traits as well as a love of reading.

You can listen along with them or go start another load of laundry - either way we're so excited to share our love of the written word with your family!

What You'll Find Here for Kids:

* Free Short Stories Online for Kids

* Short Audio Books for Children

* Printable Short Stories and other Activities

* Children's Book Reviews and so much more!

Click the arrow to listen to free online adventures for kids!

Hello! We've been waiting for you! We're just about to leave on another exciting adventure and we want you to come along!

Oh the wonders that you'll discover here with us! You'll meet talking animals, conquer raging rivers, defeat giants, solve grand mysteries and laugh out loud at the very funny short stories for kids!

"How do we know this?"

Because we've had all of these adventures and more! So get ready to join us - we're kids just like you and we'll be your guides through these exciting and wonderful tales!

And the best part is - you don't have to love to read! You don't even have to know how to read!

"How can that be?"

Well, our family loves to read and we'll be reading short stories and audio books for children to you!

We've picked our favorite short stories for kids and created a safe place for you to listen online as we read them to you. And if you love to read like we do, you can also read free books online here.

Ask your mom or dad if they remember their favorite children's books, fairy tales or bedtime stories. I bet they will say, "Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes or Aesop's Fables, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer or Anne of Green Gables".

These classic books and poems for kids are still popular today because they're fun and wholesome (which means they don't have a lot of bad stuff in them). We love them and we know you will love them too!

"Guess what?"

While you're having grand adventures with these great classic short stories for kids, without even knowing it, you'll be learning things that will help you grow into a mighty young man or woman! Things like courage, loyalty, faith, compassion, responsibility and how to be a good friend.

"Guess what else?"

When you are defeating giants and discovering secret gardens and meeting talking animals - a natural love of reading will develop! You will begin to love to read on your own and then the whole world will open up to you with endless tales and adventures!

We're here for you and your family! If you have a favorite book or story you'd like us to add in video, audio or printable formats please let us know through the "Contact Us" button.

Are you ready for unforgettable adventures? Then let's go! Click a link to the left or below to get started but first..

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"I am a grandmother and just love this concept! Kids reading to kids! Way to go!"

Jan, Colorado

"I loved THE FUNNY POEMS, especially "The Quangle Wangle's Hat." I am impressed right out of my shoes by"


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"This is so exciting! I'm tremendously impressed! Can't wait to sit down with something warm to drink and take lots of time to read every bit."

Julianne, MI

"I am a father and was checking out this site for my three year old son. I started listening to the stories and before I knew it 40 minutes had gone by!"

Jeff, USA

"A couple of my children listened for about an hour this afternoon. They enjoyed it, we will return again for sure."