Mother Magic

by Toddy Laydon
(Brisbane, Qld, Australia)

All over the world in mystical places,
magical madness was dawning.
For something extraordinary had occurred,
the Mother of Magic was snoring!

The mystical mother who carefully guards
all magical creatures world wide,
had not slept in a thousand years
when suddenly, she felt very tired.

So she lay down with a pillow of clouds
on a crescent moon for her bed,
expecting to wake feeling refreshed
unaware of the trouble ahead.

The news Mother Magic was sleeping
traveled fast to enchanted lands.
The goblins and trolls started scheming,
as pixies overheard their plans.

"Mother Magic is finally resting,
we are free to do mystical tricks!
Spread your magic all over the world
and grant every child their wish"

It didn't take long before chaos took hold,
the goblins and trolls ran around
wasting their magic on silly wishes
and turning things upside down.

The sky became one long rainbow,
the grass became liquorice strips,
the ocean became a sea of fizz
and the children ran in for a sip.

The sharks all licked on lollipops
as they lazed on shallow shores,
watching Mermaids give lessons
to sea lions learning to ROAR!

Fish grew legs and walked on land,
while monkeys sprouted fins.
Mermaids rode on dolphins
as the monkey's learnt to swim.

Birds flew backwards, elephants skipped
and crocodiles started to sing.
Penguins performed pirouettes
and little girls grew butterfly wings.

Little boys were sent into outer space
to play soccer with stars in the sky,
while mothers chased their winged little girls
who were still learning how to fly!

Wizards granted wishes to hippos
who decided they'd like to be thin,
and Dragons offered free rides on their back,
for only the brave to join in.

With every day wished to be Christmas
except one day left to spare,
to celebrate birthdays all over the world
for all of the children to share!

Mother Magic awoke from a troubled sleep,
she sensed something just wasn't right.
Gazing down from her celestial slumber,
she was shocked by a chaotic sight!

With a wave of her arms draped in silvery sleeves
and a shower of shimmering rain,
Mother Magic reversed all the damage
then asked goblins and trolls to explain.

They confessed to their magical mischief,
and Mother Magic was far from impressed.
So she punished the naughty magicians
for waking her from her rest.

She turned goblins into pink little pigs
and trolls into black pussy cats!
So there would be no magical mischief,
the next time she took a nap.

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Oct 30, 2011
A delight to read!
by: A fellow writer

This poem was magical! Very imaginative and fun to read. I think you need to read it aloud and note where the cadence is a bit off. With that improved, I think you will have no trouble having it published. Keep writing!

Oct 01, 2011
Very imaginative!
by: Steve M

Reminds me of the dreams of all mischievous children when mother takes a nap.

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