Christmas Stories for Children

Christmas Stories

These Christmas stories for children help us get ready for the holidays. Pull on your snow boots and scarf, this is going to be a cold but awesome adventure, we can't wait to share these funny Christmas stories with you!

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These are all awesome Christmas stories for children - we hope you agree!

Christmas Short Stories for Children: Babouscka

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It was the night the dear Christ-Child was born in Bethlehem. In a country far away from Him, an old, old woman named Babouscka sat in her snug little house by her warm fire. The wind was drifting the snow outside and howling down the chimney, but it only made Babouscka's fire burn more brightly.

"How glad I am that I may stay indoors," said Babouscka, holding her hands out to the bright blaze.

But suddenly she heard a loud rap at her door. She opened it and her candle shone on three old men standing outside in the snow. Their beards were as white as the snow, and so long that they reached the ground. Their eyes shone kindly in the light of Babouscka's candle, and their arms were full of precious things—boxes of jewels, and sweet-smelling oils, and ointments. "We have traveled far, Babouscka," they said, "and we stop to tell you of the Baby Prince born this night in Bethlehem. He comes to rule the world and teach all men to be loving and true. We carry Him gifts. Come with us, Babouscka."


But Babouscka looked at the drifting snow, and then inside at her cozy room and the crackling fire. "It is too late for me to go with you, good sirs," she said, "the weather is too cold." She went inside again and shut the door, and the old men journeyed on to Bethlehem without her. But as Babouscka sat by her fire, rocking, she began to think about the Little Christ-Child, for she loved all babies.

"To-morrow I will go to find Him," she said; "to-morrow, when it is light, and I will carry Him some toys."

So when it was morning Babouscka put on her long cloak and took her staff, and filled her basket with the pretty things a baby would like—gold balls, and wooden toys, —and she set out to find the Christ-Child.

But, oh, Babouscka had forgotten to ask the three old men the road to Bethlehem, and they traveled so far through the night that she could not catch up to them. Up and down the road she hurried, through woods and fields and towns, saying to whomsoever she met: "I go to find the Christ-Child. Where does He lie? I bring some pretty toys for His sake."

But no one could tell her the way to go, and they all said: "Farther on, Babouscka, farther on." So she traveled on for many years.

When it came Christmas Eve, and the children were lying fast asleep, Babouscka came softly through the snowy fields and towns, wrapped in her long cloak and carrying her basket on her arm. With her staff she rappped gently at the doors, went inside and held her candle close to the little children's faces.

"Is He here?" she would ask. "Is the little Christ-Child here?" And then she would turn away again, saying: "Farther on, farther on!" But before leaving she would take a toy from her basket and lay it beside the pillow for a Christmas gift. "For His sake," she would say softly, and then hurry on through the years in search of the little Christ-Child until the day came that she saw him face to face.

He was no longer a child, but a man. He had the kindest eyes she had ever seen; eyes that knew her selfishness; that the cozy fire had kept her from seeking him that night long ago. Eyes that knew her regret; that she wished she had gone with the kings to find him. Eyes that knew she had been seeking him ever since. Eyes that didn't condemn but rather drew her to him, and as he reached out his hand for hers she saw the scars that he had taken for her, and heard his words, "Come in and rest Babouscka, you are home, you are finally home."

We sure hope you enjoyed our Christmas stories for children!

Christmas Stories for Children: Making it Real

To read the true story of the three kings who traveled to visit read Matthew Chapter 2 in the bible.

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