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Morh's Story Chapter 2 Part 1

The Battle

“Forever, Bell, Samantha.” I called to the three female pups. They waddled over to me and gave me a goofy grin.

“You have to stay with your brothers and mommy today okay?”

“Okay papa.” they chimed.

Sadly, I was not a big part of my pup’s lives. I was the leader of the Light Side so I was in meetings a lot and out on snooping missions. I nuzzled each one of the pups and said a heart-felt goodbye to Ace.

“They are planning to come up the mountain?” growled my head warrior, Ruffie.

“Yes, from what their commanding chief said.” I grunted.

“We must ready troops.” he pawed the ground.

“I will gather them.” I said gruffly. I walked into the warrior den.

“Line up!” I called, hardening my voice. The wolves lined up - all three hundred of them.

“We need to prepare for battle, understood?”

“Sir, yes Sir.” they barked.

“Report to the training den in five, alright?”

“Sir, yes Sir.” they answered.

I walked back to the food ditch and grabbed a rabbit to snack on, then to the training den to oversee the guys fighting and training on dummies.

“Good work soldiers.”

“Thank you Sir.” they responded.

“Drop the Sir okay?”

“Yes Morh.” they said respectfully.

“Let’s start the drill with a sneak attack.”

The wolves positioned behind trees, next to boulders, in caves and in ditches. I walked into the ambush area and the wolves jumped on me from every direction. I snarled and viciously attacked back, throwing them on the ground and pinning them down. In the end, the army won and I was captured.

“Good work men. Your skills are improving.” I barked as they headed to lunch.I raced home to see my pups and wonderful mate, Ace.

“Papa!” the pups shouted as they raced over to me. I picked Aet up in my mouth and softly threw him on the ground. “Play battle?” begged Forever.

“Ya, Ya, Ya!” they chanted.

“Okay, for a minute, then daddy has to go back to work.”

“Okay.” they said sadly.

“Positions.” barked Kem the eldest pup.

Forever and Bell crawled into the tunnel system I had dug for the pups. Aet had jumped onto a rock, then into the lowest branch of a tree. Kem walked over to his things and put on his armor I had found for him yesterday. He then took cover under a rock.

“Attack!” screamed Bell as they launched out of their hiding places onto me.

“Ahh.” I shouted playfully as they ambushed me.

“Quick Forever, Sam, hold his paws!” ordered Kem. They did as they were told, quickly pinning my paws down. “Aet, Bell hold his chest!” he barked over the quarreling. They jumped onto his chest and pinned me, for pups, they where not defenseless. I fought back and sent the pups flying across the room.

“I win!” I shouted playfully as the pups retreated to lunch. I followed them into the den to say my farewells.

“Play again?” begged Sam and Kem.

“No, and one day you will understand why I cannot stay and play with you.” I licked my mate and nuzzled my pups then raced out the door.

Wolf Stories Part 2


“Yes Ruffie?” I said as I rearranged the battle strategies.

“They are going to come into our territory where we’ll have the upper hand…”

I cut him off before he could finish. “Genius Ruffie! We have the snow and ice! All along I kept thinking we were going back down into their territory.”

I grinned as I walked over to the armor. I looked at my golden and silver set of armor. It was my father’s before mine and has been passed down to every new generation’s Light Side leader. Now we fight to take over our kingdom. Now we fight for Freedom!

Wolf Stories Part 3

I ushered my pups into the caves. “You must stay here. It’s not safe up there.” The war had begun and the Light Side was taking a brutal beating.

“But daddy.” Samantha said with her eyes full of tears.

“No buts. You stay here with your brothers and sisters. Mother will come soon.” Ace had been up helping the wounded, but the guards ordered for her to come down to the bunkers.

“Kem.” I said sadly.

“Yes father?”

“Take care of everyone.”

“Yes father.” he said tears brimming in his eyes.

I raced off into the direction of battle. I shook the visor down on my helmet. My armor was dirty but it was holding up. The one I was after was Vigeeta. I searched through the battle field, bodies of Light Side warriors and Dark Side soldiers littered the ground. The battle was just moving into the snowy and icy cliffs. I searched until I saw him, his silver armor shining brightly.

“Vigeeta!” I snarled.

“Yes peasant?”

“I serve no murderer.” I thrust myself at him, gripping him around the ankle.

“Ahggh!” he called as he fought back and threw me off into the blood stained dirt.

“Vigeeta, you made my people cower! You made them servants under your dirty paws.”

I snarled throwing my armor off. “Its time to settle this right once and for all – show me the respect of fighting this out wolf to wolf, no armor.”

He snarled as some of his warriors assisted him in removing the heavy armor.

“You won’t live much longer, Morh.” he growled lunging at me.

“You battle so much, yet you are still a fool.” I said as I dodged his attack. I thrust my body onto his, gripping his neck.

“We were peaceful and willing to share - but you, you needed it all to yourself.” I snarled.

Vigeeta did not comment as he fought back. I whined as Vigeeta ripped the flesh on my back leg. “If you don’t have it all, you have nothing!” Vigeeta shouted as he tore through flesh biting into bone on my back leg. I yelped as if my life depended on it, freeing my leg from his grip. Viggeta pounced again landing his crushing jaws on my neck, gripping and twisting. I started to loose blood. I pictured my family happily playing by the large oak tree in the middle of the cavern. Ace was sitting, watching them play. Somehow picturing them gave me strength. I gripped Vigeeta’s muzzle and tossed him off. My fur was covered in blood. I pawed at the ground and thrust myself off of the ground and onto Vigeeta. He stumbled backwards loosing his footing on the cliff’s icy edge. “Vigeeta!” I cried as he plummeted over the cliff into the icy waters below.

It was all I could do to stagger home and fall to the ground.

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