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Kids Wolf Stories: Morh's Story Chapter 3, Part 1

The Snooping Mission

“Morh? Morh?” whined Ace. Her fuzzy picture reminded me I was not in the land of the dead yet.

I jumped to my feet in a panic. Big mistake, my back leg throbbed horribly and I fell to the ground.

“Morh, calm down the battle is over. The Dark Side retreated - but they’re sending for reinforcements. Morh, it’s now or never. We must take back your kingdom.” Ace said softly.

“But I’m starting to like it up here.” I teased her with a grin.

“We could make this the castle,” she suggested.

I grinned. The pups raced up to me. “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,” they chanted.

“Ah my beautiful pups!” I said as I picked up Bell and sat her next to me.

“Dad, I kept everything in order while I was in charge!” announced Kem.

“He really did. He fetched water and brought food and blankets. He was a big help.” said Ace happily.

“Wonderful.” I said as I nuzzled him.

Kids Wolf Stories: Morh's Story Chapter 3, Part 2

Six Months Later

I raced after Kem and Sam as they ran down the mountain. It was Samantha’s first snooping mission and Kem’s second one. Kem being the eldest went before everyone else.

“But daddy…” Aet, Forever and Bell had whined when we left.

“No, when you are old enough you will be able to come.”

“Ohh.” They had whimpered.

Kem saw the first soldier. “Get down!” he whispered to us.

Sam hid behind a boulder and Kem behind a tree. I leaped down into a creek hiding behind the reeds.

“Vigeeta is dead?” questioned a wolf.

“Yes Sir, killed in battle,” answered a smaller wolf.

“Then I am king!” the larger wolf smiled.

“Yes Sir,” the smaller wolf said with a hint of fear.

“First things first, we attack the lazy Light Side warriors and this time wipe them from existence.” growled the bigger wolf.

“But Sir, we don’t have enough warriors. Reinforcements are coming,” the smaller wolf said shaking now.

“Ver, you have me and all the other troops!” the bigger wolf growled.

“But Sir they have so many warriors,” the smaller wolf whined.

“It’s been six months, we should have recovered by now,” barked the larger wolf.

“But you see Brich…” The larger wolf cut him off.

“It is King Brich now,” he growled.

“Yes Sir, King Brich. I will gather the soldiers and tell them your plans,” replied Ver.

King Brich smiled as he walked away.

I walked silently through the water toward the pups. “Did you get all that?” I asked.

“Yeah, a new king, another battle and more warriors.” Sam said full of excitement.

Kem gave more detail. “A new king going by, King Brich is planning on battling us again with all one hundred of his soldiers. The reinforcements are on their way. But he is planning on attacking before they get here.”

“Ah, you learned from the last mission. Remembering the details is vital to a snooping mission.” I said with pride.

“Yup.” Kem said pleased with his memory.

“We must go tell the pack.” Sam said pleased with her first mission.

“You think the snooping mission’s over Sam?” Kem asked.

“It isn’t?” Sam said rather confused.

“No, we have to get more answers - more proof.” Kem explained.

“Oh.” Sam said blushing in her embarrassment.

“It’s okay.” I said, nuzzling her cheek.

“Okay we need to get closer to camp.” I announced.

“How?” both Kem and Samantha looked shocked.

“We will climb.” I said a little mischievously.

Sam jumped onto a rock ledge just to prove my point. She started to walk along it and turned around a corner.

“Sam!” I whispered loudly.

“Ya?” I heard her respond.

“Wait for us.” said Kem.

Kids Wolf Stories: Morh's Story Chapter 3, Part 3

I jumped onto the ledge and Kem followed as we raced along the wall in fear of being seen. We finally reached Sam and she gave us a recap of what she’d heard so far with very vivid details. “He said that the plan was to lure us into unfamiliar grounds for the battle, making it harder for us. They brought out the Keer. Whatever that is.” She said acting like it was no big deal.

“Sam, the Keer is a very dangerous creature.” I said as I grabbed her with my paws and pulled her beside me. I walked up farther along the edge into ear shot.

“The Keer will help us,” said King Brich.

“It’s a hard creature to control,” said a very buff looking soldier.

“Who cares, it will side with the winning team, us!” King Brich said.

“Why don’t we just make a peace pact with the Light Side wolves? We could share the kingdom and….” Brich cut him off.

“My father said. ‘If you don’t have it all, you have nothing.” King Brich growled. “Why don’t you go join the losers, much help you’ll be in battle with your broken back legs!” King Brich snickered. “Oh, never mind, they would probably only send you cowering back to me!” the King snarled.

“If you would have set my back legs after the battle they would have taken shape and healed within two weeks!” the buff wolf growled. “I’m going to find the Light Side wolves and set things right.” He dragged himself towards the mountain.

“We have to help him.” I said to the pups.

“Once he gets to the hill we will pop out and help him understood?” I said lowering my voice.

“Yes dad.” Sam and Kem whispered.

I jumped off the ledge and raced up to the path to wait for the injured wolf. Sam and Kem were lookouts making sure everything stayed peaceful.

“Here he comes.” whispered Kem.

I popped out from behind a boulder. “Need some help?” I said happily.

“Who are you?” he demanded.

“The leader of the Light Side pack.” I said still grinning.

“Oh, you’re Morh? I was just coming to find you,” he said.

“What’s your name?” I asked curiously.“Bolder,” he said plainly.

“Well, Bolder would you like to join us?” I asked as Kem and Sam watched from ahead.

“If it isn’t too much to ask,” he said sheepishly.

“I’ll have someone set those back legs of yours.” I said, my smile getting larger.

“Really?” he asked surprised.

“Of course.” I said as we walked up the mountain.

“Sam, Kem come on.” I said as we passed the two play fighting.

They stayed close to my feet as we walked through the icy blizzard to the top of the mountain. We passed into the tunnel and helped Bolder through.

“Finally.” he said as he lay on the ground exhausted.

“We’re not there quite yet.” I said offering him an encouraging smile.

He heaved himself up on his front legs and continued to drag himself to my den.

“Welcome to my den.” I said happily.

“Daddy!” chanted the pups as they pounced on me.

“Pups we have a guest.”

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