Whats Hiding Under your Bed?

by Khortni Hall
(Waldorf, MD)

There once was a little boy who's name was Alex, he and his family just moved into a new house. Since it was so new to him, everything seemed scary.

After the family finished unpacking they ate dinner and went to bed. As Alex lay under the covers, he kept hearing creepy noises. He called his parents in his room to check for monsters.

They looked in the closet, behind the curtains, and under his desk. They finally left, Alex feeling a lot better now. But he kept hearing those same noises.

Eventually he drifted off to sleep and awoke the next morning. He got dressed and ready for school. When it came time for dinner Alex was really tired so he took a bath and went to bed.

As he climbed under the covers, he felt something brush against his leg, he screamed and jumped on the bed. His parents came rushing to his side, he explained that he had felt something touch him from under his bed, they checked the room again, this time making sure to check under the bed and all they found was a bunch of old toys.

That night Alex had a dream that there was a big scary monster in his room and it was trying to get him, that's when he woke to a tapping sound on the floor. He peered out from under the covers and saw it, a great big furry green arm under his bed, he grabbed it and pulled as hard as he could and what he found shocked him. IT WAS HIS FAVORITE TOY MR. GREENS!!!

From that day forward he wasn't afraid of monsters because he had one for a best friend!!! THE END!!!


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Aug 31, 2010
Great read aloud story
by: J.L.Conlon

A great, simple, fun story to read aloud, and actually make some scary thoughts go away. Might make a good picture book for little ones.

Aug 30, 2010
A good story to read in the dark with a flash light
by: don nelson

Hi Khortni,
What a nice fun little story. Loved the photo.
This will appeal to all little kids, especially when the lights go out.
Such a nice happy ending.
FYI: Short stories are among the hardest things to write well. Each word must propel the story forward. Concise writing is also a critical element.
Happy writing,

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