The Wonderful Christmas Story

by Jasmine Dunn
(Olympia, Washington)

Once upon a time there was this family that lived in this house that was really big! Two nights before Christmas, when their dad came home they started to eat pizza for dinner. When they all came to the table they heard THUMP, THUMP and then they heard a scream. They all wondered what is was, so they went outside to look and saw a guy in a Santa suit, but it wasn't even Christmas, so they didn't think it was really Santa.

They thought, it cant be Santa but why would a random person just fall from the sky? So they began looking all around for clues, but they couldn't find anything until they looked in the back yard. There were 8 reindeer and a sleigh in the backyard so they thought and thought. The boy said, "I got it, it is Santa! He must have forgotten it wasn't Christmas yet!"

So the family let him stay a night on the couch so his memory would get back to normal. Then the day before Christmas he got his head straight. So he could make everybody's Christmas a wonderful Christmas!

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