Rosy Becomes a Star

by Lacey S. Chalk
(Shepherdstown, WV)

On a very warm July afternoon Rosy ran up to her mom with great enthusiasm, her curls bouncing in the wind, and said "I want to be a star."
"A star," her mommy said with question in her eyes.

"Yeah, a star. You know mommy, a person who performs on stage in front of a whole lot of people and at the end they throw flowers on the stage and clap their hands."

"Ohhhhh," Rosy's mom said. "You mean you want to be an actress?"

"Yes, that's what I said. Can I mommy? Can I?"

Rosy's mom leaned down and whispered in her ear, "First you have to take acting classes silly."

Rosy stepped back and looked at her mom with her big blue eyes, body swaying back and forth and with a very quiet voice she politely asked her mom if she could take these so called "acting classes."

The very next day Rosy's mom found a class for Rosy that was right in town so she signed her up. When she told her the news Rosy didn't know how to contain the excitement she felt inside. "Oh, thank you mommy," she said as she hugged her mom real tight.

The morning of her very first class Rosy jumped out of bed. She threw on her pants and shirt, slipped on her socks and tied her laces on her shoes. She was ready to become a star! Rosy looked up at her mom and said "I'm going to make my debut today mom so we have to be on time."

Fortunately, the ride was short. She walked proudly into class and introduced herself right away. "Hi, my name is Rosy," she said in her loudest, proudest voice. Her teacher, Ms. Watson giggled to herself and put out her hand to shake it. After a few minutes went by Ms. Watson put her fingers to her mouth, which Rosy soon learned that meant to keep quiet.

Ms. Watson walked around the room talking about rules and most importantly informing the class about the big performance at the end of the season. Practice makes perfect, Ms. Watson would always say, so Rosy practiced and practiced until it was perfect. She would practice in the shower, she would practice before bed and she would even practice while taking Scottie the dog on his evening walks.

Performance night came and Rosy looked at her mom and said "Mom, do you think I'll find a flower on the stage for me?"

Her mom did a silent laugh to herself. "Go out there and have a great time."

You know what? She did. Rosy remembered every single line and her stage presence was tip top. At the end of the show as the crowd was clapping and roaring with excitement Rosy curtsied and looked down to see one single rose at the tip of her toe and thought to herself "I did it, I really am a star."

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Aug 24, 2010
Great story my kids ioved it!
by: Jeremy Gilbert

My kids and I read this story and thought it was really good. Both my kids are in theatre and they enjoyed it because of just that. They go through it all and this story was a good way to introduce something like this to kids. You have a beginning and a perfect ending that represents what this child thought would portrey her as an actress or "star." Jeremy and kids

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