Ricky's Magic Shoes

by Amber Entzminger

“Time to get up, Ricky! Today is your party.”

“Ok, Mom,” Ricky ran over to his dresser and threw on his shirt with his jean shorts. He then ran into the kitchen.

“Mom, I’m dressed and ready for my party!”

“Hold on dear, your party isn’t for three hours. Why don’t you clean your room before your guests arrive?”

“Ahhh, do I have to?”

“Yes, you do.” She glared over her shoulder.

“Remember to pick up your toys. It’s not play time!” Ricky marched to his bedroom arms crossed.
Opening the door to his bedroom a mess appeared. There were clothes hanging from the fan, baseballs under his pillow and cars stacked up ten feet high. It looked as if he lived in a junkyard.

"Oh this is too messy!  I'm going to play with my Volkswagon bug." Ricky found the pile of cars. 

"There he is!" Ricky scooped up his special car and raced him round the room...just as his mom walked in..

“I see we’re cleaning,” Mom said tapping her foot.

“I was, but the red bug wanted to race.”

“I see that, but I’ve got an idea. If you clean your room, you can open this present!”

Ricky quickly put his cars, trucks and baseballs into his toy box. He then folded his clothes, placing them into the dresser. Before long, Ricky’s room was clean. He then sat next to his Mom.

“I can REALLY open it?” Yes, she nodded.

He ripped opened the paper to find a brown box. Fumbling with the flap, it popped open. Inside was a pair of blue and white shoes.

“Wow, Can I wear them now?”

“Yes Honey, Happy birthday.” She hugged him as she left.

Ricky placed the shoes on his feet and instantly he felt an electric shock. It was as if the shoes were magic. Standing up, he whooshed down the hallway, into the living room and out the front door. He didn’t stop there. He zipped passed the mailbox, the neighbor’s house and the yard with the noisy dog. Ricky realized he was running as fast as a rocket as he dashed around the block FIVE more times, until the guests arrived.
Ricky pointed at his new shoes as he opened the door for each guest.

“Look Auntie Lisa.”

“Wow, can I try them on?” Asked cousin Zoey.

“Those must make you run fast,” said Grandma Jan.

Ricky smiled as he zipped around the house until it was time for cake and presents. His cake with strawberry filling was wonderful. Ricky’s radio control truck was great, but nothing compared to his new shoes.

After the last guest left, Ricky went upstairs. Taking off his shoes, he laid them next to his bed.

“Did you have a great birthday Ricky?” asked Mom.

“Yes! My shoes are the best present ever. Thanks Mom!” Ricky sat playing on the floor.
Over the next couple of months Ricky wore his shoes EVERYWHERE. He wore them to baseball practice. They helped him run faster around the bases. He wore them to play out in the rain. They helped him jump higher over puddles. He even wore them swimming. They helped him swim better. Then one day it happened……

The front part of his shoe ripped open. He tried to hurdle over the neighbor’s fence, but missed and fell into the flower bed. He tried to play baseball, but he ended up with dirt up his nose. He tried to play in the rain, but got all wet. He even went swimming in them, but had to be saved by the lifeguard. It was as though, when his shoe ripped opened, the magic leaked out.

Staring at the rip in the bottom of his shoe, Ricky opened the front door and saw his Grandma Jan.

“Why, Ricky, what’s the matter?”

“The shoes, I got for my birthday ripped open and the magic leaked out.”

“Magic shoes huh? Maybe this will help!” Grandma Jan handed Ricky a green wrapped present. He tore open the present and found a pair of white shoes with red stripes. Ricky tried to smile.

“Aren’t you happy?” Grandma Jan asked.

“They’re not like my old shoes!”

“How do you know until you try them on?” Grandma Jan helped remove his old tattered shoes. As she placed the new shoes onto Ricky’s feet, he again felt the electricity shoot from the magic shoes into his feet. Standing up, the feeling to run magically came back. He whooshed out of the house, passing the mailbox. Suddenly Ricky skidded to a stop and zoomed back to see his Grandma bring in the grocery.

“Grandma let me help.”

“Be careful Ricky some of those bags are very heavy.”

“Its ok my magic shoes will help.”

Ricky grabbed three bags in each hand and carried them into the house and set them on the counter. He again zipped back out for the rest. After the last bag was brought in he hugged his grandma.

“What is the hug for Ricky?” His grandmother asked.

“For giving me new magic shoes.” Ricky smiled.

“Your welcome, Ricky that’s what grandma’s do, they help bring magic into their grandchild’s life and help them with their tattered shoes to find the right magic fit.” She hugged him again.
Ricky couldn’t help but kiss her on the cheek as he whooshed out the door again to find a new way his magic shoes could help. Then he thought to himself, maybe mom will need help too. He stood still for a moment and blasted of like a rocket to find his mother.

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Jul 17, 2016
Great story
by: ismail and tasneem

We really enjoyed the story. It was great. Magic shoes..... is a great birthday gift.

Jul 07, 2016
Magic and magic
by: Anonymous

I wish all the children's to get there magic shoes after reading this story

Jul 05, 2016
by: Anonymous

I liked the story because its like MJ shoes the basketball movie. I like sports stories, I like magic shoes. I am dreaming of having some one day too !!


Jun 23, 2016
Very cooool!
by: Cal

Almost the best story I ever read.

Jun 09, 2016
Write another one
by: Lou ann

The story was awesome don't forget to write another one have a good day !!!

May 11, 2016
Great story
by: Derek

I like the story

May 07, 2016
Loved it
by: Advay

The story was great

Mar 21, 2016
Awesome Story
by: Amiah

It was great!!!!!....It was awesome too!!!!....My 7 yr old Grand Daughter Love This Story 😘💜

Mar 21, 2016
by: HAZA

Awesome story I wished I had shoes like that. Over all I liked the story. I have rated this five stars!

Mar 06, 2016
Magic shoes
by: Anonymous

Nice story....

Feb 25, 2016
Nice story!
by: Zayda

I like the story and i think it's cool. Especially when he got the magic as a birthday present.

Dec 30, 2015
by: Mother of two

It was a very cute story both of my kids love it and beg me to read it to them over and over again

Dec 09, 2015
I wish I had those shoes
by: K2

I wish I had those shoes to run faster during soccer.

Nov 26, 2015
by: Anonymous

Very nice storyyy!!!!!!Make like this story very cool

Nov 26, 2015
by: Alisha lakhani

amazing story

Nov 25, 2015
ricky's story
by: Anonymous

I like the part when ricky gets wet! it's funny, i'm 7 years old

Nov 08, 2015
by: John

It is awsome beacuse I like shoes

Nov 08, 2015
by: WinKay

I love it! Please continue to be inspired and be generous to share references like these to the public.

Sep 30, 2015
Awesome st
by: Anonymous

really cool

Sep 21, 2015
Rick's Magic Shoes
by: Anonymous

Great Story, I read it to my son and he loved it.

Sep 01, 2015
good story
by: jaelyn

It was a good story but I felt like the ending was missing

Aug 25, 2015
favourite story
by: Lenita

All grandchildren miss their grandparents
i wish i get the same magic shoes as my birthday
gift from my grandma

Aug 11, 2015
Great Story!
by: Olivia

It was a great story. I enjoyed it a lot.
The best part was when he used his shoes to help other people and how I had a great time reading this story. I liked it more than any book.

May 30, 2015
by: katy

wow amazing books

May 12, 2015
read it, find cool
by: Anonymous

this is a very good and soo interesting and became one of my favourites

Mar 17, 2015
good :)
by: Dzs

good but it can't happen in real life

Feb 22, 2015
superb story
by: Anonymous

My daughter loved the story and found it entertaining. Thanks

Jan 27, 2015
New shoes
by: Anonymous

I wish those shoes were mine and my grandmas because I want my grandma to go faster because she is slow .

Jan 27, 2015
fun plot
by: Anonymous

Great story, "Off" is spelled wrong in the last sentence, but very good.

Dec 13, 2014
by: Millie

I loved it, it was sooooo,cool,I could magically faint, OMG!!!!!!

Oct 17, 2014
my favorite
by: ethan

The magic trainers were my favorite!
It was a cool awesome story bro

Oct 15, 2014
I love it
by: Anonymous

Good story I like the book

Oct 02, 2014
I wish I had those magic shoes
by: A&O

I should like some speedy shoes
To help me get to school faster.
I like the bit where Grandma Jan
Brought the second pair.

Apr 28, 2014
cool story
by: Anonymous

your story was great, I read it while eating green gages and it was cool.

Apr 15, 2014
Great Story
by: Ryan

I LOVE this story especially when he flew in the shoes!

Nov 04, 2013
the book was really good
by: Trinity

I liked the beginning when he had to clean his room. It was funny.

Feb 25, 2013
awesome shoes
by: Finn The Human

cool story, thanks!

Jul 24, 2012
by: Shweta

Cool story. I wish I had magic shoes 2!

Mar 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

This story is great, my brother liked it, I thought it was pretty interesting too.

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