Printable Bible Puzzles and Activity Sheets

These printable bible puzzles and activity sheets cover the books of Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther and Job.

To learn more about the bible before you start on your bible puzzles you can listen to bible stories online before you download your printable bible activity sheets and puzzles.

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Printable Bible Study Lessons: Ezra

Ezra gets to play a big part in helping God's people rebuild after they are freed from exile. These bible puzzles are a fun way to learn the bible, so don't wait - go ahead and download your printable puzzles now!

119. Cyrus Helps the Exiles Return

120. Rebuilding the Alter and Temple

121. The Opposition of Rebuilding

122. Completion and Dedication of the Temple

123. The People Confess Their Sin

Printable Bible Puzzles and Lessons: Nehemiah

Who's Nehemiah? You may not recognize his name, but God gives him a very important job to do! You and I may not be so famous that people would recognize our names, but God still has some very important jobs for each of us to do - and to Him, we are quite famous! Find out about Nehemiah's job in these printable bible lessons.

124. Nehemiah's Prayer

125. Rebuilding the Wall

126. Ezra Reads the Law

Printable Bible Lessons and Puzzles: Esther

Esther is one of our favorite bible lessons! We love her rags to riches story. She never asked to be Queen and it wasn't easy, but God put her right where she was so she could play a huge part in saving His people! You'll enjoy the printable bible puzzles included in the Story of Esther and as you work through them, think about what God might be preparing you to help Him do!

127. Esther Becomes Queen

128. Mordecai and Haman

129. Esther Pleads for Her People

130. Haman Angry at Mordecai

131. Mordecai is Honored

132. Haman's Evil is Repaid

133. Esther Saves Her People

134. The Jews Rejoice

Printable Bible Puzzles & Lessons: Job

If someone's going through a hard time, Job is the book that they can relate to! Job lost everything but his life - God tested his faith in a great way but Job passed the tests and God greatly blessed him for his faithfulness. Nobody wants to go through tests or trial (which are just fancy words for things going bad) but be faithful through those hard times and watch what God will do in and through you!

135. Job Fears God

136. Job's First Test

137. Job's Second Test

138. Job and His Three Friends

139. Elihu Contradicts Job's Friends

140. The Lord Speaks

141. Job is Blessed

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