Off in the Distance

by Erica Utti-Hodge
(Mont Clare, Pa U.s.)

We were frustrated. My two brothers, one little sister and I ran away. We were sick of the orphanage, and we were NOT going back.

About two miles away there were train tracks. A train just happened to be stopping. As it came to a screeching stop, we ran to get on. We brought food, blankets, and water, but we could not save up very much. After a few hours of riding, we all got tired and were dozing off.

The train came to a beach and the tracks led to water, we all got scared, so I went up front to talk to the conductor, but the train was deserted. There was no way to stop. The train got too close to the water we tried to jump, but we could not and soon, we were underwater. We were choking; my mind went blank.

I woke up in the sand, under the water. Under there everything was so beautiful. The people, the landscape, and the castle were beautiful. Everything was blue, even the people. The boys wore blue suits. In addition, the girls had long flowing hair and very appealing dresses. The sea shimmered so charmingly. The fish were all different colors. The people could fly!

My siblings and I went to the castle; we were there in a flash. We saw the princess. Her beauty was astounding. Her eyes and her hair were a sheik brown. She was not blue though, she was a peachy color, like us. She said, "Where is it!" my brother Marc said, "What is what?"

"My crown I can't find it." she answered.

"Can we help?" I said. We were ready for adventure.

"Yes, umm, you can." she stated halfheartedly, handing me a piece of crumpled paper. As I unfolded it I noticed it was a treasure map. The princess said, "Follow this if you accept the challenge."

"Yes we accept." my siblings and I said.

She said we had to go through the fairies gates, the deathly hollows, and the mermaids beach. The crown was in the dragon's cave. I will admit that I was scared, and I am sure my sister, and brothers were too. I felt as if a thousand thoughts were rushing through my head, one of them being, "Can I take my word back?" The poor princess might cry and that would be another big problem.

As we all set off, it felt like the clouds were a deathly shade of gray. You could barely see anything as the fog steeled in. As we all walked up you could see the fairies gates, they looked like a dream; there were little fairies everywhere. They were all girls. Fairy men were off in battle, but that is another story. We could see the sea and the clouds. It was so peaceful.

When we were walking through the deathly hollows it was so gloomy looking, and it was deserted. When we got to the mermaids beach, I could not find my brothers and sister, and I got worried. I searched, and I could not find them, so I went on.

The current in my ears and the wind in my face felt good; it was refreshing. I made it (which I did not really want to do alone), so I took some time to know the privileges I had to still be alive. I was lucky and my appetite was coming back.

I shut my eyes for one second and when I woke up I found the cave; a wave took me in and Pearl, the princess's friend a mermaid was talking about was the one who carried me out of the water.

My siblings were not here with me to see it - the dragon - it looked hungry too! To my sake, it was asleep. Behind it, I saw the princess's crown, and boy did it shine. It gleamed like water in July. I tiptoed like a teenager trying to sneak out of the house when they were grounded. I got the crown, picked it up and started back. Before I got half way through the cave, the dragon woke up. It looked mad, obviously it was very cranky, I would be too if some one woke me up from a Saturday nap. It charged at me my heart was racing. I knew I was done for. Then all of a sudden poof! Everything was gone. I gave the princess her crown and we exchanged thanks, her for the crown and me for getting me the heck out of there. Then I saw my siblings!

Then poof again, I was home with my real family just in time for dinner.

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Sep 04, 2010
Poof! and then the story ended
by: Don Nelson

Hi Erica,

Very nicely told story.
I liked this part:
They were all girls. Fairy men were off in battle, but that is another story.

Nice simple ending.
Good job.
Keep writing.

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