Challenges of Middle School

by Doris
(Shreveport, La)

The school year has begun and Whitney is very excited, it will be her first year in Middle School. She has picked out her clothes and she is ready to roll.

She gets to school and finds her first classroom but everyone is wearing a new 6th grade T-Shirt that no one told her about so her day is already starting off bad.

To make matters worse everyone is wearing tennis shoes and she has worn her new clogs that she got at Great Wolf Lodge and the lady that she bought them from assured her that the were all the rage.

At 6th grade orientation the director told everyone not to bring all of your school supplies the first day because lockers will not be issued until the 2nd week and there will be no place to put them, and of course Whitney is the only one that did not bring her school supplies.

By this time Whitney is wondering what has she gotten herself into. She is thinking that she would rather be back in Elementary School where all of her friends were in the same class together and she didn't have to worry about changing classes or having a locker.

By the middle of the day its time to get ready to go to lunch but she has forgotten her student ID number so she goes to her teacher and her teacher sends her to the office to request her number and by the time she gets back to the cafeteria, lunch is over so now she is tired and hungry.

The bell rings so she goes to her locker but her combination is not working, so after school she is so gloom when her Mom picks her up and she tells her Mom everything that happened that terrible first day of school.

So Mom saves the day, they go inside the school and retrieve her lock from her locker and Mom tells her that they will practice the combination that night until they get it right, school supplies will go to school in the morning and Mom writes down her student ID number and puts it in her binder for her.

They then run to the mall and get Whitney a new pair of Nikes for school the next day. Whitney went back to school the next day and remembers everything her Mom did for her and has a great day. The moral of this story is everything isn't as bad as it may seem.

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Sep 01, 2010
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the positive comments , these things are hard to write, but it was fun. next time I will take more time in doing so.

Aug 31, 2010
by: Anonymous

Brings back lots of memories. Nice happy ending.
Maybe a little dialogue wold spice it up.

Aug 30, 2010
Nice little teachable moment in story form
by: Anonymous

Hi Doris,

I like the moral of this story.
Nice job. I hope you continue to rework it and refine it. Short stories are among the hardest things to write well. Each word must propel the story forward. Concise writing is also a critical element.
If you could add a bit of dialogue, it might draw the reader into the story a bit more. IMHO

Thanks for submitting such a nicely written story.


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