Wild Cat


Our summer holiday started. I and my sister went to meet our grandparents. They lived in a small village and their house near to mountains. There was also a field nearby.

We started spending our time there. One day we planned to go to Yercaud (hills station). We were busy packing our things.

My uncle called me and said, "Go upstairs and take the pillows and come". I went upstairs. As it was night time the room was dark and I went to switch on the lights. Before that I could see two small eyes shinning. I was scared but I somehow switched on the lights.

I could see a huge cat (forest cat) sitting on the bed. It was taller than me and it was very big. I became mad shouting and I ran down. Everyone asked, "What happened? Why are you shouting?" I said, "Grandma, I saw a huge cat sitting in our bedroom". Then she said, "No! I forgot to close the terrace door. I went to keep the pappads (snack) but I didn't close the door".

She also warned me, "Don't go there. It is wild cat from the nearby forest".

After some time uncle went with a stick but the cat was not there. So he closed the door and came down. He warned my grandma, "Don't open the door after sunset".

Now I am 15 years old. Still now I don't go upstairs after sunset because I am still afraid of that scary cat.


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