Two Brother Bears, Two Blueberry Pies

by Darlene Goy
(Saskatchewan. Canada)

Once upon a time, there were two little bears, which lived in a bear den.

The two little bears with their two shinny pails, went into the woods to pick some blueberries.

Two little bears jogged into the woods, to fill their two shinny pails with blueberries.

The wind started whistling and howling,the rain sprinkled down, the wet leaves and branches swirling all around them.

The two little bears hurried out of the woods, making sure not to spill their blueberries.

They held up their two shinny pails, they asked "Mommy, can you please make us some blueberry pies?"

Yes, I can, said momma bear, "This should be enough for two blueberry pies!"

The two little bears while playing with their toys, could smell the blueberry pies baking.

Momma bear set the hot blueberry pies on to the table to cool.

Momma bear making sure the blueberry pies were cool, she called the two little bears to the table.

Two little bears crawled on two little chairs pushed up to the table, where momma had placed their two slices of blueberry pies.

"I'm sure glad we picked these blueberries." said the two little bears, looking at each other with their two big blueberry smiles."

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