The Eye Exam

by Amanda
(Los Angeles)

Glasses are Cool

Glasses are Cool

It all started when it was reading time at school. I picked a book, and since I was not that good at reading, I picked an easy book. Although it was easy, I could not see a word in the book.

After school, I told my mom what happened, and she said I needed an eye exam.

At the eye doctor, I did all sorts of tests. It was fun, but I didn't tell my mom.

After the tests, the eye doctor said that I needed GLASSES.
I was DEVASTATED. My mom led me to the area where I got to pick my glasses. They were pretty stylish if I do say so myself.

When I went to school the next day, I was so nervous. What would the kids think of my glasses? Would they laugh at me? Would they tease me? I didn't know.

When I entered the classroom with my glasses on, everyone stared at me. I was ready to run home. Then one of my classmates ran up to me and asked,"Wow! How do you see out of these things?! You're so cool!"

Everyone cheered. I wore my glasses ever since.

Don't be afraid to wear glasses. They might even look good on you!

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