Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes: Sing a Song of Sixpence

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Sing a song of sixpence,

A pocket full of rye;

Four-and-twenty blackbirds

Baked in a pie.

When the pie was opened,

The birds began to sing;

Wasn't that a dainty dish

To set before the king?

The king was in his counting-house,

Counting out his money;

The queen was in the parlor,

Eating bread and honey.

The maid was in the garden,

Hanging out the clothes;

Down came a blackbird,

And pecked off her nose.

Fun Facts

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*What is a sixpence?

A sixpence was a coin in Britain (kind of like an American quarter or dime).

*What is rye?

Rye is a grain like wheat.

* What is a parlor?

A parlor was a room in a house or castle where people who were visiting were entertained. It was usually in the front of the house right off the main entrance.

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