Printable Bible Activities

On this page you'll find 33 printable bible activities covering the Book of Genesis. You can listen to some bible stories online before you download your free printable youth bible study lessons to get you going.

Here at we can't get enough short stories!

There's millions of short stories we like, but did you know that the bible is full of great short stories? The bible is a book that is divided into many other shorter books, called the Books of the Bible. Each book is divided into chapters and each chapter has sentences that are called verses. The Books, Chapters and Verses make it easier to find specific parts of the whole bible.

The first book of the bible is called Genesis, and it's where the whole story begins as well as your bible activities. There are 50 Chapters in the Book of Genesis that are filled with many awesome short stories. Here we have 33 printable bible activities for you to download for free! Once you've worked through each of the free printable bible study lessons, you'll know the book of Genesis and all it's inspirational short stories very well, maybe even better than your parents or teachers!

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Printable Bible Activities for Genesis:

1. Creation

2. God Makes Adam and Eve

3. The Garden of Eden

4. Adam and Eve are Tempted

5. Cain and Abel

6. Enoch

7. Noah Builds the Ark

8. God Sends the Flood

9. Gods Covenant

Printable Bible Activities Continued...

10. The Tower of Babel

11. God Calls Abram

12. Abram and Sarai Visit Egypt

13. Lot Leaves Abram

14. Lots Captivity and Rescue

15. God Makes a Promise to Abram

16. Hagar and Ishmael

17. Abraham Bargains with God

18. Sodom and Gomorrah

19. Isaac is Born

More Genesis Printable Bible Activities

20. Abraham Offers Isaac

21. A Bride for Isaac

22. Jacob and Esau

23. Isaac Blesses Jacob

25. Leah and Rachel

26. The Sons of Jacob

27. Your Name Shall be Israel

28. Joseph is Sold by His Brothers

The Last of the Bible Activities for Genesis

29. Joseph and Potiphar

30. Joseph in Prison

31. Joseph Tests His Brothers.

32. Joseph Reveals Himself to His Brothers

33. Jacob Moves to Egypt

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We want to thank Calvary Chapel for these fantastic bible activities!

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