by Saydee
(San Martin, California)

Are you a hero? Any one can be a hero. A dog, a cat, even a baby can be a hero. There are many heroes in the world that help many people.

Have you ever heard a loud siren? If so that is a hero. Firefighters, police officers, and doctors are all examples of heroes.

Have you ever called 911? If you did to save someone you will be considered as a hero.

Other things you could do to be a hero is to help someone. If someone is choking and you're the only one there and you do CPR and saves the person, you will be a hero.

Animals can save people too. Have you heard that a ship and its passengers were about to die, but a dog got a rope and saved all the passengers? What a surprise!

See many people can become a hero, maybe someday you will be a hero too!

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May 02, 2012
by: Anonymous


Nice job.


May 01, 2012
A Great reminder for that brave part in all of us
by: Steve

Thanks to this author for reminding us that it sometimes doesn't take much effort just to do the right thing and that makes you a hero.

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