Granny's Printable Short Stories

by Patricia Johnson
(Indiana USA)

Grandma's Helper

Grandma's Helper

Enjoy Granny's Printable Short Stories for Preschoolers by Patricia Johnson!

The Cat and The Bird

The cat sat down by the tree.
She was looking up.
A bird was up in the tree.
The cat licked her mouth.
The cat began to climb the tree.
The bird flew away.
No bird for lunch today.

The Brown Dog

The brown dog ran up the hill.
The brown dog's name was Mutt.
He sat down.
The brown dog barked.
Ted called the brown dog.
Mutt ran to Ted.
Ted gave Mutt a bone.
The brown dog wagged his tail.
Mutt was happy.

Up and Down

The blue sky is up.
The brown ground is down.
The sun is up in the blue sky.
The green grass is down in the
The moon is up in the dark sky.
The yellow flower is down in the
Look up! Look down!

Hole in Her Pant's

Dora has a hole in her pants.
The hole is at her knee.
Dora also has a scratch on her
Dora was running and fell down.
Granny put a patch on her pants.
Granny put a patch on her knee.
Her knee and pants are both fixed.
Dora ran off to play.

Ice Cream

My friend and I like to eat ice
cream in the summer.
I like chocolate.
My friend likes vanilla.
I like mine on a stick.
My friend likes his in a cone.
Our faces and hands get sticky.
Ice cream is yummy for our tummy.

My Dinner Chore

My chore is to set the table.
I put a plate at each place.
I put a fork at each place.
I put a napkin at each place.
I put a glass at each place.
I like to set the table.

Can You...?

Can you ride a bike?
Can you jump rope?
Do you like to go to the park?
My sister and I like to jump rope.
She has a red bike.
I have a blue bike.
We like to jump rope and ride our
bikes in the park.

Grandma's Helper

I like to help my grandma.
I like to fold the bath towels.
It is hard work because they are so
I like to help wash dishes.
I wash the glasses, forks, spoons,
and knives.
I like to vacuum the floor.
Grandma says I am a good helper.

Mr. Fox

The fox is red and white and wears socks.
The fox is wearing two red socks.
The fox is wearing one blue sock.
The fox is wearing one purple sock.
The fox is wearing a stripe sock on his tail.
The fox looked at the clock.
The fox raced around the block.
The second time around the block, the fox tripped over a rock.
The ox laughed to see the fox trip over a rock and fall on the clock.
All the socks fell off the fox.
Now the fox was just a plain red and white fox with no socks.
The fox picked up his socks, put them in a box and ran away.

Ice cream image by Evan Long

Cat and bird image by Dylan Ashe

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