Funny Thanksgiving Poems

These funny Thanksgiving poems are a great way to show we're thankful for so many things! A shelter over our heads, food to eat, clothes to wear, clean water to drink - these are some very basic needs that we are so very thankful that we have, we know that not everyone does.

While being thankful can be pretty serious business, we don't want to forget another thing that seems so small, but is really VERY, VERY BIG - the ability to smile and laugh!!

Our mom wrote most of these Thanksgiving poems, we thought they were pretty silly and wanted to share them with you!


It Must Be Thanksgivin'

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The kids are rumbling and tumblin'

Grandpa's snoring and a grumbling.

The football teams are taking a knee,

On Grandma's big screen t.v.

The leaves outside are turning yellow

'Cause winter's coming to say hello.

The aunts are all fussin' in the kitchen,

Wait a minute, it must be Thanksgivin'!


Hurry Up

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"What's that smell", Mr. McGribble said.

It's the turkey sleeping in your bed.

Where's the cranberry sauce doing the jiggle?

Across the street at Mr. Wiggle's.

Are the mashed taters getting down?

Yes, I saw them marching with Molly Brown.

Is the gravy going to make the date?

I'm not sure, it's running late!

Will the dressing be here on time?

Last I saw, it was still standing in line.

They must get together, oh good gracious dear!

Thanksgiving will pass by and not come again till next year!

turkey with hat


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Hey Perky, Perky!

Gotta catch that turkey!

He's running away from the kitchen.

We must have done everything wrong,

I just knew something was missin'!


Poor Turkey

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Why do we have turkey for Thanksgiving?

Did anyone ask if he felt like livin'?

If you asked him, I bet he'd say

Go get your dinner another way!


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By Maud Lindsay

The turkey was brown, the potatoes were sweet,

The sauce was spicy, the biscuits were beat,

The great pumpkin pie was as yellow as gold,

And the apples were red as the roses, I'm told.

And I'm sure you'll agree,

With my cousins and me,

That there's never a visit so pleasant to pay

As a visit to grandma on Thanksgiving Day.

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