Dreams of Illusion (waking up in the room)

by Zoe Curewitz
(New York)

"Jessica, wait!" I shouted while sprinting restlessly to school. My dark, mahogany skin dimmed in the cloudy skies.

Even if I was a little nipped, sweat was trickling down my temple. Jessica was very hard to catch; it was a little peculiar because I ran way faster than her. She slowly disappeared on the horizon as she ran. I couldn't see her any more. As I dashed along the way, I saw my school bus cruising on the road. I prayed to god it would park along the rocky curb. I was prepared to approach it.

Unfortunately, it didn't stop. I was a little antagonized by the fact that the driver didn't see me!!! What the heck!? So, I ran for it so I could not be tardy for school. As I was stepping out of the side walk, I tripped beside the curb and fell. I banged my head against the asphalt. It hurt so badly that I actually well, sort of, became unconscious.

Dizziness entered in my head. The ranch house across me was blurry. All I could see was a blue blob. As I squirmed around, a lady was looking out of her fanlight. I could barely see her face. All that I could see was auburn hair shimmering in her house light, and, a peach skin tone spread across her body. She immediately came out of her door and came toward me. An anxious and panicked expression was on her face. "Oh dear! Honey are you alright?"

I was too tired and too weak to reply to her statement. She carried me up to her shelter. "Thank you lady" I thought as I laid in her satiny arms. I closed my eyes and slept along the way.

I slowly opened my eyes. My Adventure Time attire was gone, and all I wore was this cheesy hospital gown. I touched my forehead. It was warm and I could tell it had a cottony bandage protecting it. I slowly got up from my bed. I observed the room as I got up. There were balloons with the text splattered on the front: Get Well Soon!

I wanted to get my clinic dress off of my body; I really disliked it. I walked lamely as I came toward my clothes. I grabbed it weakly; I didn't put enough pressure to my muscles since I just woke up. It fell from my hand and it touched the carpet floor. "Oh well" I whispered to myself," It doesn't really matter.

I didn't pay attention to my clothes anymore. I was heading for the white, plain door. I touched the golden, shiny knob. I slowly turned it...

And then I woke up.

Image Credit to Nit Soto

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