Death Channel

by Katie

It was a sunny Friday afternoon. Katie was just back from school and let herself in. Knowing it was quiet in the house, she knew it would be as both her parents worked long hours.

She put the tv on. Katie was getting hungry but being a bad cook she just got biscuits and ate them.

Hours later it was getting dark and still no sign of her parents, they were never this late. She began to get worried of what might have happened.

Katie was getting tired so went to bed. She was awoken by a crash downstairs. She looked at the time 2:30am. She went downstairs to see what the noise was but there was nothing there.

Katie put the tv on for company. She saw a picture of her house with herself standing there. She changed the channel, but this time behind her was a man.

Katie turned round.

The light went out.

She screamed.

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