Cecilia and Sophie

by Sophie
(Cumbria )

Once there was a little girl named Sophie. She was 6 years old and lived in a house with her Mummy and Daddy. Where Sophie lived, no other little kids lived, so she had no one to play with.

One day she got up and her Daddy was waiting for her with a letter with her name on the front. He said that it had come through the post that morning. Sophie opened the letter with great excitement. Eventually when she had opened it it said that she was invited to a party at the village hall.

Sophie was so excited that she ran around the house screaming! When the day of the party came she got dressed in her best clothes and best shoes and her Mummy drove her to the village hall. When they arrived Sophie said bye to her Mummy and ran inside.

Sophie stopped as she got to the door, there were more people there than she had expected. She creeped in and sat down at the back. Sophie sat there for 10 minutes when a little girl about the same age as Sophie came and sat down next to her.

The little girl said that her name was Cecilia and would Sophie like to dance with her. Sophie and Cecilia had a great night together and didn't want to leave each other when the party had finished.

The next morning Sophie woke up to the sound of a lorry backing up and lots of excited voices. When she looked out of the window a big moving delivery van was parked outside the house next door. When she looked down out to the street there was a little girl waving at her. At first she wasn't sure who it was but when she looked closer she saw it was Cecilia! Quickly she got dressed and ran outside to see her. When she got outside she found Cecilia standing on the doorstep of the house next door.

Sophie asked her why she was there and Cecilia said that they were moving in to the house. Sophie was so excited to finally have someone to play with.

From that day on they were the best of friends and played with each other everyday.

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