Animals Don't Have to Eat Broccoli

by Toddy Laydon
(Brisbane, Qld, Australia)

Animals don't have to eat broccoli.
Animals don't have to get dressed.
Animals don't have to tidy up
after they make a mess!

Animals don't have a bedtime.
Animals can play all day.
And they don't get tucked in bed so tight
it takes their breath away!

Animals don't have to use manners.
Animals don't have to be good.
Animals don't have to share their toys,
I'd be an animal if I could!

I bet animals never get told;
"Eat your veggies.
Sit up straight.
Brush your hair.
Brush your teeth.
It's a school day and you're late!"

I think I'd like to be a Pig
and roll in mud all day.
Or maybe I could be a Dog
and chase my tail and play.

Or I could be a wild Horse
and gallop through the dunes.
Or perhaps a big, black flying Bat
and soar across the moon.

Maybe I could be a Dolphin
and frolic in the sea,
surfing on the biggest waves.
Yes, that's the life for me!

But what if I got lonely,
or I felt scared at night?
Who would keep me safe and warm
and tuck me in real tight?

And what if I got hurt,
who would fix it with a kiss?
If I were an animal, I think
there's too much I would miss!

Besides, Mum said I could have dessert
if I eat all my "greens"
and if I were an animal-
I'd miss out on chocolate cake and cream!

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Oct 01, 2011
by: Steve M

I love this type of story

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