A 13 Year Old's Most Embarrasing Moment

by Anonymous

This is what should have happened when I jumped.

This is what should have happened when I jumped.

It was track and field day at our school and I was so excited because the one thing in sports I was good at was track. I was FAST! Everyone was amazed at how fast I could run, I could even almost beat one of the fastest sprinters on the high school track team when we raced for fun.

I did all the relays and sprint events and did really well, winning ribbons in everything. Most of the events were wrapping up so everyone headed over to watch the last few events; the triple jump and long jump.

I guess I had a big head from winning all the ribbons earlier in the day so I thought, "What the heck, I'll try the long jump and see how I do." I signed up and as I was waiting, one of the cutest and best high school track guys pulled me aside to explain how to get the best length in the jump, I listened as best I could (mostly I was too excited he'd singled ME out and pulled ME aside that I wasn't really listening).

By the time it was my turn, most of the school had gathered around to watch as all the other events had finished up. I was pretty pumped that I could do a good job and I had a crowd watching!

I got a great running start and a good jump - it was the landing that I messed up and boy did I mess it up! After I launched myself the very next thing I saw was sand and lots of it! I don't know what went wrong but I came up sputtering sand out of my mouth, in my braces, my nose, ears, and eyes, down the front of my shirt and in my hair, there was sand everywhere!! And of course, most of the school , who had been watching, was laughing hysterically! (I'm sure I would have been laughing too had I watched someone biff it that bad!) I hoped the sand would turn to quick sand and swallow me up! Of course it didn't.

My best friend helped me across the track and football fields to the bathrooms and as we were walking we passed a little kid. His eyes got huge as he looked at me with sand all over and he said, "What happened to YOU?!" I was even more mortified because I hadn't had a chance to look in the mirror yet so now I was sure I looked ridiculous! I never wanted to leave the bathroom!

Later, when I'd cleaned up what I could of the sand and eventually had to come out of the bathroom, the cute high school track guy who had helped coach me before the jump found me. I was so embarrassed!! He said, "That was so awesome! What happened? That was the craziest thing I have ever seen! When you jumped you had some air and then somehow your face landed first, skidded through the sand, and both your feet came up over your head like you were doing a back bend! That was wicked!" He wasn't even making fun of me, he was just astounded and was being really cool, trying to make me feel better.

I will never forget that jump or how humiliated I felt. It was like something you'd see in a movie, it was definitely the most embarrassing moment of my life!

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Feb 12, 2011
by: 13 year old

I tottaly understand what a rush it was when the boy told you it was wicked ana not just cuz i'm 13 too , i hope u got somthen goin on now , thnx and bye ...

Feb 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

LOL it was funny how the cool guy just said that was cool. But i never had an embarrasing moment until.... The time my sister tacled me in front of boys because they dared her too. I was crying alot, i cant explain. On the bright side good story!!

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